26 Aug

The Spiral of Exile seeks for connections between today and past through an ambitious combination of different objects. This series of works includes a interactive artworks such as an installation, sculptures, paintings and busts representing writers.

With this Projects, my aim is to share thoughts about our mental society, the complicated concept of our current co-existence and draw connections between different times.

Nowadays, we “immigrants” take a big part of our daily time with thinking about our self-identity and who we might be and how we might look for the society — not only for leisure, but many times for the necessity. The Spiral of Exile -exhibition speaks about the current communicational culture, digitalization, alienation, sociocultural struggle, cultural integration, diverse identities, inequality, adaptation and the current situation of the world. The aim of this project is to give the audience a possibility to relocate themselves through multifaceted self-reflection.

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