17 Jun

Selff is a robotic sculpture, and an interactive art-work. A viewer can participate with sculpture by looking to the mirror and stepping close to the mirror, the mirrors will make the move to follow their steps where they are located in the space and will ask them several questions when they are looking to them self in the mirror.

Selff, enables its participants to engage and connecte them self on looking to the mirror. The aim of the project is to share thought about our mental society in between our selfs for example when we look at to the mirror we get many questions about our existence and discovering our ideas of me or you and who am I? The operating system of existents is very complicated to question specially when the social media platform enables people to exchange information by commenting to the others and creating some certen existence in digital form. The concept of self is related to a number of ideas that include mind and consciousness. The subjective experience of a self that transcends the body is so compelling that it simply cannot be dismissed. Selff is Psychological artwork that is questioning a question about where is our selfs?

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