Yassine Khaled

With this Projects My Long Pink Spring, my aim is to share thoughts about our mental society, the complicated concept of our current co-existence and draw connections between different times.

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Sense of Belonging -project’s concept will open up an innovative perspective in contemporary art world, by letting the audience to experience one of the most important needs in human life. It is not often talked how we as humans look for safety and belonging as emotional and physical need. For example, some of us find the complicated feeling of belonging through friends, some through family, some through nature and some through social media platforms. Not forgetting the people who struggle to find their belonging, and whose life can be very painful and lonely.

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Selff is a robotic sculpture, and an interactive art-work. A viewer can participate with sculpture by looking to the mirror and stepping close to the mirror, the mirrors will make the move to follow their steps where they are located in the space and will ask them several questions when they are looking to them self in the mirror.

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Monitor Man in the Time of Pandemic is a short film where Yassine Khaled’s ongoing performance project will step into the time of COVID-19 crisis. As Khaled’s project Monitor Man is originally based on virtual communication in public space, the new short film explores the private space — homes of isolated participants.

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Yassine Khaled is a Moroccan visual artist based in Helsinki. His sculptures, installations, performances, paintings, and videos focus on the disparity between the power and wealth of some, and the powerlessness and poverty of others in our globalized world. Khaled visualizes power relations between individuals caused by, for instance, ever-increasing gaps in wealth, socio-cultural differences, labor conditions, educational opportunities — the conditions that determine one’s level of comfort and stability in society and socio-mental dimensions of our time.

I was born in Morocco and received my artistic training in both Morocco and Finland. This geographic and cultural shift has had an evident impact on my work. I have spent about the past 18 years, a major part of my life, trying to understand the meaning of art and culture, and I always find myself returning to the root of the question. One of the essential things I have noticed in art and culture is the concept of coexistence. As an ”immigrant artist”, and as a person who is coming from North African culture, my aim is to explore myself through art and to be respected as a visual artist. In this cultural context, I have experienced tangibly what it takes to be an artist in Europe with a non-European background. I use my cross-cultural background to challenge the audience to explore the conception of human nature’s need to belong as research between art, culture, technology, and politics. My aim as an artist is to develop and extend the mental borders of interactive artworks.

My works have been represented internationally in galleries, art fairs, biennales, and museums including: Seoul International ALT Cinema  Media Festival, South Korea (2021) Together Alone project screen in Musiikkitalo, Helsinki (2020), Criatek, Digital Creativity Technology Festival, Aveiro, Portugal (2019), Expanded Media -exhibition at Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival, Stuttgart, Germany (2019), Prix Ars Electronica, OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria (2018), SALTS Group Exhibition, Birsfelden, Switzerland (2017-2018), Chart Art Fair (2017), Copenhagen, Denmark, Haihara Art Centre, Tampere, Finland (2017), SUPERMARKET Art Fair, Stockholm (2017), Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki (2017), CMOOA - Collection’s Auction, Palace Es Saadi, Marrakech (2016), Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2016-2017), 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London (2015), GVCC, Casablanca (2012-2017) and ”Luxures”, RonchauxRoom, Besançon, France (2014), Biennale OFF 4 Marrakech (2012) and Contemporary Art Fair of Africa and the Mediterranean, Casablanca (2011).

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