22 Jul

Sense of Belonging -project’s concept will open up an innovative perspective in contemporary art world by letting the audience to experience one of the  most important needs in human life. It is not often talked how we as humans look for safety and belonging as emotional and physical need. For example, some of us find the complicated feeling of belonging through friends, some through family, some through nature and some through social media platforms. Not forgetting the people who struggle to find their belonging, and whose life can be very painful and lonely.

My aim is to explore possible effects when these elements are set together: two participants at a time, structural objects and the soundtrack of stories. Will it raise consciousness and/or awareness about the human need of belonging? "Sense of Belonging" -project draws up inspiration from an African American writer   James Baldwin through his novels and essays which explore the fraught senses of inheritance and belonging among African Americans Baldwin says that black Americans relationship to their own country and heritage is unlike of any other people in the world because of their past- belonging was taken from them, almost literally, at one blow.

Also, I would like to refer to a great British journalist Reni Eddo- Lodge's book "Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race" (2017) which has sparked a national conversation in Great Britain. According to Eddo-Lodge: ”Color-blindness is childish and stunted analysis of racism  regardless of its good intentions”, because: ”Not seeing race does little to deconstruct racist structures or materially improve  the conditions which people of color are subject to daily. I think the problem here is the fact of a cultural struggle of belongingness in our time which has nowadays been spread to many societies, cultures and countries.

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